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Residential and Commercial Asphalt Paving Services 

We offer residential and commercial asphalt paving and repair services.  Our skilled team handles all aspects of a project from planning to site preparation and installation. You can depend on our professional expertise and reliable advice and service.  
Whatever projects you’re planning, trust Basic Sealcoating for expert and quality service!

Our Paving Services Include

New Asphalt Driveways
Replacement Asphalt Driveways
Driveway Repairs / Patches
Driveway Rejuvenating
Access Roads
Residential Parking Areas
Commercial Parking Lots
Parking Lot Repairs / Patches

From driveway planning, site preparation and installation, to access roads and commercial parking lots of any size, Basic Sealcoating, Inc. provides professional expertise and reliable advice and service. 
Steps Residential Driveway Paving Services

Layout & Excavation:
The first step in installing a new driveway or replacing an existing driveway is excavation. We remove the necessary material to allow for the installation of a strong base and the compacted asphalt.
Creating the Base:
Subgrade preparation is critical for the durability and longevity of your driveway. It is the foundation for your driveway and needs to be strong and made from the correct materials. We remove any unsuitable materials and add a strong base of crushed gravel or even recycled asphalt.
During this step we also establish the grade of the driveway to move water away from your home and prevent standing water on your driveway. 
Asphalt Pavement:
A thick layer of asphalt is laid down and then compacted to create your driveway.    The compacting of your driveway is critical to achieve a thick strong layer of asphalt. This is where our years of experience result in a better product for our customers. 

Depending on the customer’s needs and budget either one layer of course asphalt or one layer of course and one layer of fine finish asphalt are laid down.  
When we quote our customers we always refer to the thickness of the finished layer of asphalt so there aren’t any surprises.   Our base layer is a minimum of 2” thick of properly compacted asphalt.
We compress the edges of your driveway and then backfill them with the subgrade materials to create a strong shoulder.